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  • Technical Review UDC 621 . 785 . 3 : 669 . 586 : 669 . 687

    same quality as what could be obtained through conventional batch annealing1). 2.2 Development of accelerated cooling method For the primary cooling of the strip, both Kimitsu No.1 C.A.P.L. and Yawata No.1 C.A.P.L. adopted the gas-jet cooling method whereby the furnace atmosphere gas was cooled and blown to the strip surfaces.

  • Batch-Annealing an overview ScienceDirect Topics

    Strand annealing has been used in the tinplate industry for the annealing of thin strip 4 and other similar research programs were evident in the UK in the 1960s. However, continuous annealing process line (CAPL) technology (see Figure 3.2 (b)) was only introduced for the processing of automotive sheet, as an alternative to batch annealing, in the last 15 years.

  • WorldOfSteel Continuous Annealing and Batch Annealing

    In batch annealing, tightly wound coils of cold rolled steel are stacked three or four high on bases with convector spacers between coils. A cover is lowered onto the stack and is sealed at the base. The atmosphere surrounding the coils is purged and replaced with slightly reducing atmosphere. A movable furnace is placed over the entire charge

  • Comparison between Conventional Annealing and Rapid

    Conventional annealing (CA) of low-carbon (C 0.10) steels in batch-annealing furnace using slow heating rate (10°C/s) and prolonged holding (> 1 hr.) at a temperature (600-700°C) below A c1 offers yield strength (YS) of 200-300 MPa[1].

  • Method and apparatus for batch coil annealing metal strip

    Feb 14, 1995· In accordance with another aspect of the invention, while the coiled strip is being heated and maintained at its batch coil annealing temperature, a treatment gas, which in the preferred embodiment comprises substantially pure hydrogen, can be backfilled into the inner cover for atmosphere recirculation as taught by conventional methods.


    currently installing a complete hydrogen bell‐type batch annealing facility that will be the most advanced BAF in the world, in terms of overall productivity efficiency. When completed, the facility will process 860,000 tons per year of cold rolled steel, primarily destined for the

  • Daisywheel convector plate for batch coil annealing

    Dec 16, 1997· Thus the efficiencies of the device, when applied to conventional batch coil annealing furnaces, could be somewhat less than what otherwise would be possible. More significantly, this design requires more space and cannot be used readily to replace existing designs due to space limitations.

  • Rapid Thermal Annealing Allwin21

    The conventional batch furnace has proven to be a reliable, low cost technology. Traditional lamp basedRapid Thermal Annealing (RTA) systems still have many problems in a manufacturing environment. Traditional lamp basedRapid Thermal Annealing (RTA) systems still have many problems in a manufacturing environment.

  • Optimized active layer morphology toward efficient and

    Here Weng et al. combine the advantages of the fibril network donor and the state of the art Y6 acceptor in a two-step approach to deliver a high efficiency of 16% without batch-to-batch variation.

  • JP2006257486A Method for annealing grain oriented

    It is a cross-sectional view explaining the method to anneal the magnetic steel sheet coil in the conventional batch annealing furnace which stuck the heat insulating material to the outer peripheral surface of the inner cover. Explanation of symbols. 1 Batch annealing furnace 2 Gas burner 3 Magnetic steel sheet coil 4 Inner cover 5 Thermal

  • Ebner Furnaces Welcome to the market leader

    Welcome to the World of .. We understand that the choice between conventional products vs. industry-leading technology or any old solution vs. cutting-edge innovation are daily challenges. Working to

  • Feasibility Study of Industrially Produced Batch Annealed

    In contrast to conventional TRIP steels from the 1-GEN AHSS, this steel grade can also be manufactured by a simple batch annealing routine, whereby final batch annealing can be applied to

  • US4310302A Batch coil annealing furnace baseplate

    Conventional batch coil annealing furnaces use sand seals between the inner cover and the base. The use of the high flows and reverse direction of the present invention could result in sand pickup from

  • Troubleshooting Hydrogen Annealing of Steel Strip: Part 1

    Sources of problems in hydrogen annealing in batch furnaces stem from: properties and better surface finish of the annealed products than those obtained for the materials annealed in conventional


    UAS eliminates the shortcomings of a conventional batch annealing process and its implementation leads to the following results: (1) Reduction of fixed operation cost due to a substantial cut-down of

  • The Distributed Control System of Coil Annealing Furnaces

    INTRODUCTION radiation, conduction, and by the convection of the inert gas. However, the internal In the cold strip mills in the iron and temperature cannot be measured during opera­steel industries, there are many batch-type tion, so the conventional control method is annealing

  • Savage Shooters Salt Bath Case Annealing

    Conventional dies using an expander ball will overwork even the freshly annealed brass. Neck tension is a function of brass harness and interference fit and will affect shot to shot consistency accordingly. Annealing

  • The world’s first batch annealing plant with fully

    The world’s first batch annealing plant with fully automatic crane operation ensures optimal use of energy The world’s most modern, highest capacity and at the same time most energy efficient batch annealing


    A five wafer batch annealing oven using a resistively heated, stacked hot plates was designed and tested for low temperature (100~450 oC) annealing applications for 200mm wafers. The oven is designed to process five wafers simultaneously. Thermal properties of the 5 wafer batch annealing


    In contrast to conventional TRIP steels from the 1-GEN AHSS, this steel grade can also be manufactured by a simple batch annealing routine, whereby final batch annealing can be applied to

  • Steel Plant Furnaces Continuous & Batch Type

    CAN-ENG’s Steel Plant Heat Treatment Furnaces are workhorses for heat treating a wide variety of materials and applications. Whether annealing, bright annealing, normalizing, reheating,stress

  • Direct Immersion Annealing of Thin Block Copolymer Films

    Sep 09, 2015· This form of DIA is compatible with roll-to-roll assembly manufacturing and has distinct advantages over conventional thermal annealing and batch processing solvent-vapor annealing