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  • Flaskless Molding Machines by Sinto America, Foundry

    Sinto America has a wide line up of flaskless molding machines which can be adapted to your specific production output needs: compact models at reasonable prices, 2-station or 4-station models ideal for sand molds with many cores, high-speed molding models, etc. Sinto has multiple flask sizes to choose from, from 14"x19" to 30"x 32" and mold rates up to 200 molds/hr!

  • Foundry Our Products Sinto Global Site

    Green Sand Molding. This is the specialty for which Sinto possesses the most comprehensive know-how and practical experience. The latest and highest-grade technologies in the world, such as Aeration technology, are adopted in our wide variety of molding machines.

  • Vacuum Molding Machine by Sinto America, Foundry Manufacturer

    V-PROCESS: Vacuum Molding Machine. For high-quality castings, the V-Process vacuum molding Machine uses clean, dry binder-free sand between two stone films to create a dimensionally accurate casting. With this process, there is no need for mullers, mixers, or

  • Sinto America Why Sinto? Turn-Key Industrial Solutions

    Sinto America, Inc., the North American group of Companies of the Global Sinto brand, offers superior customer service and practical, cost effective and technologically advanced equipment and solutions to a variety of industries in North America.

  • Sinto Global Site

    Sinto and Rail. Sinto plays an active role to support the safety of railroad trains entrusted with human life. Green sand molding equipment to produce low-weight, high-quality iron rail parts; Deburring and edge finishing of train parts to improve quality and safety; Ultra-smooth grinding of axles and gears to reduce energy lost from friction

  • FCMX Flaskless Molding Machine by Sinto America, Foundry

    The FCMX Flaskless Molding Machine is designed as a two-station molding machine. This two-station design allows an operator 9 seconds to set cores during the molding cycle. This is all performed during a molding cycle. The FCMX utilizes the Aeration Sand Filling Technology to provide uniform filling even with higher profile patterns. The

  • FBO Flaskless Molding Machine Sinto America

    Cast Products, Inc.– FBO-IIIS Molding Machine and Mold Handling System. H&H Castings– FBO-V Molding Machine, Mold Handling System, Sinto Analytics and Sand Handling Equipment. Manitowoc Grey Iron Foundry– FBO-II Molding Machine. AMC Foundry– FBO-II and FBO-III Molding Machine. Franklin Iron Works– FBO-IIIS and Mold Handling System

  • Flask Moulding Machines and Lines HW Sinto

    The ACE is a close relative of the Seiatsu family of flask moulding machines from Heinrich Wagner Sinto. Through the optimised movement and action sequence, the machine achieves the shortest cycle times with low energy consumption, whilst also guaranteeing perfection in every mould. The moulds are filled with sand fluidised by compressed air.

  • Roberts Sinto's Mold Handling Systems YouTube

    Jun 09, 2017· Sinto America's FBO-III S Flaskless, Molding Machine and Dual Mold / Car Mold Handling Line Duration: 1:42. Sinto America 888 views

  • Sinto FBO II Video 16"x20" Mold YouTube

    Jul 20, 2016· Sinto's FDNX Flaskless Molding Machine Duration: 3:35. Sinto America 9,089 views. Green sand automatic foundry molding machine

  • Flaskless Molding Sintokogio Sinto Brasil Products Limited

    FLASKLESS MOLDING The SINTO flaskless molding machines offer the best solution for various needs and problems existing in the production of foundry molds, meeting the higher quality and the demanding standards. In the flaskless molding technique in green sand, the flask used in the mold preparation makes part of the own molding machine. Thus, the individual flask for each mold

  • Green Sand Molding (Lineup of Molding Machines) sinto.co.jp

    All molding sequencing is carried out at a single work station. Applies to a wide variety of mold dimensions. Auxiliary labor is easy, including inserting facing sand and setting the chiller. High speed machine with 4 stations: one for molding, two for core setting, and one for mold

  • Sand Cooling System|Sand Condition System sinto.co.jp

    Sand is delivered on a FIFO basis to reserve the stopping time and stabilize the collected sand. Does not vibrate or rock and can also be installed in a high location. The use of stone tire driving system, combined with a simple construction, makes the machine

  • Molding for sale at World Equipment & Machine Sales

    1999 SINTO FBO-II Contact us for price Solon, OH. Sinto Green Sand Automatic Flaskless Molding Machine, Model FBO-II, S/N RS2643, New Year 1999, 14” X 19”, 130-200mm, 150 Molds Per Hour,

  • Tight Flask Molding Machine ACE Series|Molding Machines

    Uniform, highly strong molds are realized through aeration sand filling technology. Draft angle is minimized. Spill sand is eliminated and cut-off sand is minimized. Achieves an operator-friendly environment and energy savings. Installation space is reduced by compact design. Molding

  • sand molding machine sinto aurathaihealthsparandhart

    Molding Production, Sand Conditioning System, Molding Machines. Molding Machines. We use Sinto 16×20 FDNX molding machines. Each machine has the capacity to produce up to 100 molds/hour.

  • Horizontal Parting Flaskless Molding Machine sinto.co.jp

    Aeration sand filling technology for producing high quality castings, consumption for core setting at each core setting station. Ready to use just by turning on the power (100V-240V). Compressed air sand supply, no need for new patterns. Low-noise working environment of 72dB(A). Automatic molding machine for easy replacement of manual molding.

  • Used Foundry machinery for sale Machineseeker

    Sand cooler, sand dryer, foundry technology, sand SEIHATSU Molding System & Webac Molding HWS Sinto & Webac EFA-FD5 & Speedmullor 85-B/132. Disamatic 2095 Automated Molding Machine

  • Horizontal Parting Flaskless Molding Machine sinto.co.jp

    The touch screen panel has been adopted for simple control of the machine. An easy-to-read display ensures reliable and stable mold production. FBO’s top blow system does not require strict control of the molding sand. The machine accepts rough sand